Monday, December 22, 2003

Close to a Holiday Disaster

We were less than an hour away from home on Friday, driving both cars to New Hampshire, when we came as close as I've ever come to a major disaster. We went from 55 m.p.h. to a dead stop in record time. I must have been a mere 6 inches from that Toyota Camry when my Honda came to a stop. DH nearly rear-ended me! I saw him getting closer in my rear-view and a vision of ruining two cars, ourselves, and all our presents the week before Christmas flashed through my mind. When we finally pulled over to eat dinner, I was still shaking. I definitely drove the next two hundred miles more conservatively than usual. Thank you, ABS, and whichever Christmas angel was watching over us!

Today we are finally going to see Return of the King. But first, DD wants to stop by a Howard Dean rally. Nothing like the political season in New Hampshire.

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