Wednesday, March 24, 2004

another stitching poll

1. Where do you stitch? - describe your stitching area.

I stitch in my living room mostly. On one end of the couch which has a hardwood arm which is great for setting things on. Or if I've moved the furniture around, there's a chair I sit in. The thing is, it has to be near the window. Sometimes in winter, I turn on all the lights and stitch at the kitchen table.

2. What time of the day do you usually stitch?

I like stitching best during the day with natural lighting. I do have an Ott Light for nighttime stitching, but prefer daylight.

3. Do you stitch by yourself or with someone else?

Mostly by myself. I manage to attend 11 out of 12 Guild meetings a year. Would not be averse to finding someone local who'd like to stitch with me.

4. How long do you usually stitch for?

Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours.

5. Do you listen to music or watch TV/DVDs when stitching or do you prefer quiet?

TV is on. Or music if I'm in the kitchen. Can't stand no noise at all.

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