Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Not Lost - Just Misplaced

How can one little toe come to rule your entire life? This is getting ridiculous. My level of frustration is growing. My sleep is disrupted if I move. I'm a paranoid freak if anyone walks near me. I can't cook. I can't clean. And I need desperately to go buy King Arthur Flour today to make DD's birthday cake tomorrow (okay, I can cook - but for extremely small amounts of time.) And of course it's raining and I need to keep my foot dry. I am definitely less than my usual self. I'm pissed at my family who are not doing anything helpful. And worse they walk in the house and head off to their various pursuits after I've been stuck at home all day with no company except bad television.

Basically I'm trying to make it to Thursday when the stitches come out. And he'd better remove that wire too or I may be tempted to pull it out myself. That's my current level of desperation.

Oh and my in-laws and some cousins are expected to arrive on Friday. The timing couldn't be worse, but also couldn't be changed. Good thing they nicely got hotel reservations. Phew.

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