Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Waiting For Internet S.E.X.

Hmmm. Received my scrapbooking order two days ago. Placed a needlework order the same day. I am impatient. I needed some Anchor floss, only 6 skeins, but managed to order more than $60 worth of other stuff.

Good news is I am released from my podiatrist's care. Toe is healing nicely. It is now straight, no more walking on my nail. Still supposed to take it easy for a few weeks. Can't wear most of my regular shoes yet. But it's getting better. I did find a pair of slightly larger shoes that are working for me. Would love to throw the surgical shoe in the river, but am afraid of getting cited for littering. DS suggested I put it in the driveway and run it over a few times. LOL

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