Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Glad to be Leaving March Behind

This won't go down in the memory books as the best month of my life. And here it is, gray and gloomy again. At least it is not snowing!

March was not a month of great accomplishment for me. I'm feeling guilty that the month has slid by and not a thing do I really have to show for it. Quick! I feel the curse the perfectionist descending on me! You know. The one that says, if you can't do it perfectly, don't do it all. Yikes.

I did spend yesterday doing some sorting and trashing. Went through part of my stash of patterns and did some weeding. Nothing sell-worthy, so recycle bin is full today. And did contribute to the yard sale pile. DH doesn't know that DS and I went through the VHS tapes last weekend and weeded out some old stuff. I threw away 16 year old tapes of Star Trek that he had taped off of AFN while we were in Germany. Will he ever miss them? I doubt it. DS had some good laughs watching one of his old tapes of Shining Time Station, the ones with Ringo Starr as the stationmaster. I do feel virtuous when purging. Now I really need to seriously purge my crafting supplies. And magazines. And books. Supplies, magazines, and books, oh my!

So it's off to catch on my cardmaking. I need 2 birthday, 1 new baby, and 2 just thinking of you cards. Ah the siren call of rubber stamps...

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