Thursday, June 24, 2004

Not an Ounce of Stitching Done

The weather has been so wonderful I've been working in the yard and not stitching. This past week I created two small terraces and planted them with perenials and a few annuals for color this season. Yesterday I bought a cheap ($17.47 to be exact) length of fence, cut it in half in the parking lot so it would fit in my car, brought it home, hinged it together, and sanded it. Now I just need to paint the new "screen" for my A/C unit. I've also started buying paving stones so that I can extend my patio area to the fence. This will be about a $60 project. I have an idea for a beautiful fountain, but this is not the yard to for that project. That will have to wait until after the next move.

Oh and I did kill a hibiscus tree. Stupid. Overwatered. Was too funny when my neighbor admitted to have watered it too. (only once, so it's not her fault.) Guess that means I've got an empty container. Time for some basil I think. Nothing like fresh pesto.

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