Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Gearing Up

We'll be leaving on Friday for NH, so I've started organizing and making lists and trying to remember everything I'm supposed to bring home. (For those you not affliated with the military, I have two definitions of the word home. They are understood by context. Home = where I was born and brought up. And home also = where we currently live.)

So I need to bring "home" - three sets of birthday presents, a Father's Day present, and a graduation present. All the summer swimming gear, flippers, floats, etc. Two rocks. These were supposed to go home with sis back in November but they got forgotten on the front porch. Cat, clothes, kids, stitching, books, current journal, margarita glasses, Mexican serving dishes (4th of July is a theme party...), recipes needed for 4th of July. What I really want is just to be there already laying in the sun, smelling the pine trees and contemplating jumping in the lake as soon as I finish my beer.

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