Tuesday, June 01, 2004

please forgive my typos today

Just got back from the optometrist. And I had my eyes dilated. It's a good thing I don't need to do anything important today, 'cause I can't really focus at all.

Going to try a different contact lense solution. One bifocal lense and one regular lense. We'll see how that works. Yes, I do finally really need presription lenses to take care of reading. I can still see quite well to read, but am straining my eyes to do so.

It's been a week of yard work and things are looking good. I've done a good job eliminating the dreaded dandelions. Still have some left, but no longer have a field of them threatening to blow off their tops. I've amended the soil with peat and hummus and manure. And planted my bed in front of the house, planted my tomato plants in containers, planted my hanging baskets, planted some excess plants around my trees. But still have a major operation to do in the back yard and need to purchase herbs, though I did plant my chives.

So today my fingers are finally white again with no dirt remaining under my nails and I could stitch if I could see. Oh well.

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