Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Glasses - the kind you see through

Kiddos and I went and ordered new glasses yesterday. All three of us. Fortunately we do have a place to do this where the price isn't totally exhorbitant. But we still spent almost $500.

I am hoping that my new prescription will at least stop me from straining and getting tired eyes. When my eyes get tired, I'm having difficulty seeing to stitch. I don't need reading glasses/bifocals yet, but I'm getting closer.

And thus we come to crux of the reason why I'm no longer stitching up a storm...if you can't see, you can't stitch.


I went outside yesterday morning and got in a little time stitching. The lovely bright outdoor sunshine does make things better. My Ott-lite is not enough indoors. I'm wishing summer could last a really long time.

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