Friday, July 23, 2004

Rearranging Things

I succumbed to one of my little habits the other day and started rearranging furniture. I pulled a bookcase out of the office and put it in my bedroom. Then filled it with stitching, rubberstamping, and various craft books. Rearranged things in the office so now there is more room for movement and feels much more inviting. Now I can actually access my filing cabinet that is hidden in the closet. Just wish DH would do something with all these empty boxes he has. Do we really need all of them?

Because of rearranging books between the office, bedroom, and bookcase that is in the hall closet, I then moved on to going through magazines. I pulled out 7 years worth of issues of the Rubberstamper mag. This includes the premier issue in 1997. Started going through them and cutting out the articles that contain techniques or other info that I might someday want. Put the articles into page protectors in a large notebook. I went through about half my stack. Tossed the mags into the recycle bin. Last year I got recycled my Rubberstamp Madness mags by giving them away. Next up - scrapbooking mags.

We have got way too many magazines in this house.

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