Thursday, July 01, 2004

Been Searching

You know how you find something you like, don't buy it, and then all you can do is kick yourself? Because you decide you really wish you had bought it? What were you thinking about not buying it? And - argh!

So I tried on this perfume at Sephora in Times Square. I knew I liked it right away. But I never buy perfume until I've had it on for hours and still like it. So as my daughter and I sat through an off-Broadway show, I kept sniffing my wrist. And saying to myself how much I still liked it. At intermission, let daughter sniff, and she still liked it. If DH had been awake when I got home, I would have let him sniff. See, we can never find a perfume that we both love. We can find one that he likes and I love, or one that he loves and I like. And there are plenty that one of us can't stand.

I started searching for this perfume so I could try it on and see what my darling man thought of it. I knew the name of the manufacturer, but the name of perfume itself was rather confusing. Because of the packaging I wasn't sure if it was in English, Italian, or French. Everytime I went to a store that carried high end cosmetics I looked for this perfume.

After trying this route for several weeks, I decided to search the internet. Started at the manufacturer's website. No dice. Nothing like it there. Now I'm starting to doubt myself. Did I just imagine that this was the company that made the perfume. (those of you familiar enough with Sephora may know where this going...)

Then I tried Sephora's website. And bingo!
There it is. I now know the name. And where I can find it.
Made especially for Sephora! And that's the only place where you can buy it! La.

My first instinct is to just buy it. But I have to go buy a mall tonight on the way to the airport that has a Sephora store. I am going to fight my instincts and just go and try it on so DH can smell it before it I buy it.

I am trying to show some restraint.
A little late, I know. But there you go.

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