Monday, April 18, 2005

great warmth from above

Finally - the weather has turned warm!

I realize that the extra long wintery weather phenomen did me in. I had dropped 10 lbs but have managed to find them again when the cold, snow, and rain took away my motivation to move...

Sigh. Time to start again.

Yesterday I was outside doing yard work! I don't remember ever being that excited to be raking away the last of the leaves. I even planted some pansies.

I would finish my current project (codename: hideitfromDH) today except that tonight I'm cohosting a group of about 20 ladies and I'm doing the food. My co-host is providing the house, dishes, and beverages.

The menu is: Stuffed Mushrooms, Cheese Straws, Sweet n Sour Meatballs, Proscuitto wrapped Asparagus, Hummus with pita and assorted veggies, cheese, pickles, olives, chocolates. Someone else is bringing a cake so I don't have to do desert!

We picked an 80s theme and have trivia questions and music. A few of these ladies may have been born in the 80s giving some of us have a definite advantage on the trivia...

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