Saturday, April 23, 2005

of course

It's Saturday. Post-wide yard sale day. And it's raining. (There are 2 yard sales a year - 1 spring, 1 fall. This is our 6th one since getting here and it's rained 5 out of 6!)

Right now it's so foggy out there I can hardly see the neighbor's house.

Just peachy. Come on. I've got stuff I've got to get rid of before we move this summer.

So I'll try tomorrow - but then the yard sale conflicts with something else. *Heavy, heavy sigh.*

One the plus side, I have been going through my scrapbooking mags. Wow. Times have really changed since Memory Makers and Creative Keepsakes first started publishing. I can ditch these with no problems. Been taking out pages here and there for inspiration. I've already accomplished this task with stitching mags and rubberstamping mags.

The only sewing I'll be doing today is hemming a pair of dress blue pants for DH. This may be the last time he wears a dress blue uniform. Awww. I'm gonna miss. Love my man in uniform...

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