Thursday, July 21, 2005

I See the Moon

I guess it's only fitting that yesterday was the anniversary of the first lunar landing and driving home last evening we were treated to a huge, gorgeous full moon rising over the trees. Of course, DD just complains that she can't see it because of the trees and she wants to be like Colorado all unobstructed horizon.

Was absolutely lovely at the lake yesterday. Today should be similiar. Water is warm and wonderful. Sun is brilliant. Sand will burn the bottoms of your feetsies if you aren't careful.

Realizing that I have a 10 hour drive on Saturday, we went and purchased some new music for the trip. Jack Johnson, new John Hiatt, and the Royal National Theater version of Oklahoma with Hugh Jackman. Woohoo. Considering my other CD version of OK was not a stereo recording, I am quite happy to have 2 versions. We saw this production of PBS and it was lovely.
Nothing like a rousing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" to start off a drive...

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