Friday, July 01, 2005

it's raining

Shucks. I'm working on quite the tan. Yeah - I know all about skin cancer. No lectures necessary. But it's raining this morning. So I guess we can go shopping instead! I love vacation!

Seller wants to delay closing by 2 days. This may work out for the best - then I don't have to drive the NH to VA route on a Sunday. Which can be quite painful.

I have managed to pull out some stitching and some crocheting since arriving here. But haven't really put in any time. I don't like taking my needlework to the lake - too many opportunities to ruin things with sand, sun, water, sunscreen, food and drink.

But I should go and wake up my slothful children. They'll be happy to hear that their contact lenses have arrived at Wally World and we can go and pick them up.

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