Tuesday, July 05, 2005

new project

Not excited by anything currently in progress, so I started The Full Moon by The Goode Huswife yesterday. This will be the first time I've worked on black fabric in many, many moons.
When I saw this chart, I thought all the stitching was in white, but it's not.
Full Moon
It's white, ecru, very pale flesh, a very pale green, and light, light yellow.
I'm doing it on 25 ct Lugana because that's the black fabric I found on sale. I've got a piece of the fabric called for by the design (32 ct Belfast), but that's earmarked for another Goode Huswife project.
The stupid part is that I kitted this up with all the threads except the white. Cause I was looking at the list for the seed bag, not the sampler. Duh.

Any excuse to go stashing, eh???

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