Monday, November 21, 2005

quiet weekend

We had a company holiday party to attend on Friday night. Great band, people willing to dance. Decent food, too, for an event that size. And I don't mind dressing up either. Especially now that I've found a pair of comfortable dressy shoes.

But had to get up early on Saturday to take DS to school to take a practice SAT test. I think we're going to find that because of moving around and differing curriculms, he has some defiencies in math. Which really isn't fair as he is good at math. But at least we'll have these results to decice how much prep work he'll need in the coming months.

Did not do much the remainder of the day except finish my sister's birthday present.
Yesterday we found an interesting breakfast place. It's a big recreated diner - built in 1997. I think we need to go back and see it at night all lit up in neon. And the fact that there is a fondue restaurant literally within walking distance of my house somehow had eluded me. Melting Pot, here we come.

Went to Michael's and bought what a I needed to frame my sis's present. I want to know why precut mats and frames that say the opening is 5 x 7 are really 4 1/2 x 6 1/2. That extra half an inch would make it look so much better. Sigh.

Off to wrap for mailing.
And then on to decding what to stitch next.

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