Sunday, November 27, 2005

Saturday Fun

I picked up "Remember the Ladies" yesterday to stitch on while watching my alma mater, U of New Hampshire, pulverize Colgate is Division 1-AA football. I seem to have made a choice not to follow the instructions. But looking at it now, I'm not appreciative of that decision and will do some frogging. Ah, backwards progress.

Earlier in the day I had found a lasagna recipe on line to try. DS wanted to make homemade pasta. So we did the long-simmer bolognese sauce. And used the Kitchenaid for mixing the spinach pasta. Dough was very sticky. In retrospect, I wasn't paying attention and used 4 extra large eggs instead of 4 large eggs and I think this was the cause of the problem. While I struggled with lasagna noodles that wanted to stick to even to parchment paper, DS was busy struggling with a bechamel sauce that didn't want to thicken. I think this particular recipe is suspect. Not enough flour for that much milk. We eventually muddled through and ended up with a product that while not beautiful, was certainly tasty.

Capped off the night by drinking champagne while eating the last of the cream puffs and watching "The Chorus." Not a bad way to spend a day.

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