Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Scroogette City

This is an open letter to all retail establishments.

I resent your relentless flogging of the Christmas holiday and especially this early in the fall. I can understand being able to buy Christmas crafts in September/October because of the time involved in accomplishing projects. But I do not need to buy Christmas lights in September. Nor do I need to hear Christmas songs in October. I don't need to see Christmas decorations up and lit before Veteran's Day. I've had enough and it's only November 15th!

I hearby pledge to not purchase a single holiday item before Thanksgiving. No cards. No wrapping paper. No decorations. No gifts. Maybe I won't buy anything in a store or online at all this year. No egg nog, no fruitcake, no special candles with holiday scents. No new holiday CDs. Who needs Christmas china? Santa toilet paper? Not me.

You are totally ruining the Christmas spirit for me. Imagine how hard it is for parents of young children who see Santa at the mall and think Christmas must be soon. How can it be special when it's shoved into our faces for months?

I guess I'll be residing in Scroogette City for now. Where the fire burns warm and the hot chocolate has marshmallows melting on top. And the pressure to buy, buy, buy is gone.


Jenn said...

I'm with ya, Donna! The worst part is that every year they start just a little bit sooner than the year before. Pretty soon they'll start selling Christmas on New Years!

And it's especially frustrating and obnoxious when the budget is so freakin tight that I can't afford to buy anything till the end-of-year bonuses are distributed - which is often mere days before!!! No chance to avoid the brick-n-mortar insanity then!

Anna van Schurman said...

It is insane. I'm with you!