Friday, June 09, 2006

giggle, snort

Just another week of with my ADD tendencies coming to the forefront...

I started out by moving stuff around in the kitchen. Okay. Good. Took done the vertical blinds. Which I haven't closed once in the 11 months we've been in this house. Need to hang pot rack. This points out the necessity of buying a new hanging fixture. So I stop and don't go any further. But have 2 piles of things on the dining room table that need to be sorted.

Instead of working on this yesterday, I decide it's time (while DH is away - are you reading this, honey?) to delete the homemade wooden shelving in the laundry room. It takes about 2 hours to move everything out of the way, to demolish the shelving, and to remove the nails from the wood. Now the wood is piled up in the gazebo - need to make a run to the transfer station. Had to go to the hardware store. Bought concrete patch, primer for covering mildew and mold, and paint. I patched the walls and started painting with the primer. I've got a little time this morning to paint some more, but then it's off to the Pentagon for a friend's promotion ceremony.
I really wanted to finish planting, but I like to get my hands in the dirt and don't need dirty fingers for appearing in public.

And I've got plans for a shelf over the windows in the kitchen.

So wandering around the hardware store with me was fun. Lucky me, that my DD can bounce from idea to idea with me.

Now let's see how much I can get finished before Sunday morning when DH comes home.

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