Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm Okay

That's all.

Now on to more fun stuff.

Had to take DS to Maryland last week for SATs. This gave me the opportunity to stop by the Stitching Post. Yeah for opportunity!

Got to see the new DMC variegated threads and I must say they are bright. And not subtle. And have way more variation than most overdyeds.

Bought a few things.

Ursula Michael's "Sailboat Friends" which looks marvelous in person. The picture on the chart stinks.

A Needle Pulling Thread - the new Canadian stitching magazine. This is their second issue. If I had paged through it, I might not have bought it. But it's glossy and interesting. Just not necessary for me at this time.

Stitch - found it at B & N. Thank you. But I've missed 2 issues. ARGH.

Mary Thomas' Dictionary of Stitches. Okay, I haven't even looked at this yet. But I just knew I had to add it to the library.

2 issues of Needlepoint Now to be used while trying to decide if this is for me or not. Should I join the ANG? I'm not sure.

Saw some beautiful crewel kits. The Tristan Brooks ones are small and affordable. The English ones are large and gorgeous and out of my budget.

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