Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Woodlawn Report

My absolute first impression was that I was not impressed this year. It's not that there were no beautiful, amazing things. It was that there was little there that cried out to me.

For the first time ever I went with two friends who are also stitchers. Which was great.

The grand prize winner absolutely deserved to win. It was a sampler with blackwork and cutwork and a back that was virtually indistinguishable from the front.

And the people's choice award went to a piece offered as a group correspondence course offered by the EGA. I was amazed that enough people recognized the difficulty and beauty of this particular stumpwork project.

There was some amazing stitching by a person from Mongolia! The chain stitching on a blue satin purse was tiny and orderly it was hard to believe it was done by human hands.

Not a lot of goldwork. Not as many minatures as last year. Most of the samplers were of the Long Dog variety. (And someone entered a stamped sampler - which was done so well I had to get my face right up to it to notice it was stamped.)

But it was a gorgeous day out - temps reached the 80s. And we stopped by In Stitches and picked up a little thing or two. Honestly not much. I've been keeping myself well-supplied at the Scarlet Thread on Thursdays.

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