Wednesday, March 07, 2007

still need to check

my lottery numbers but I didn't hear about any big win for the Mega Millions on the news this morning. Shoot. A girl can dream though.

Need to go wake up DD 'cause if we're going to do anything today we need to get going as it's starting to snow. Again????

This has been one strange winter.


Jenn said...

bTwo people hit the big one, one ticket sold in Georgia and one in Jersey. I managed to get 3 numbers on one of my tickets... a whopping $7! I can eat lunch out! :)

Oh, and my daughter was in your neck o' da woods last weekend. School trip, they hit Williamsburg, Jamestown, various memorials and museums in DC proper, and the Smithsonian. She's sooo in love and wants to go back right away!

jo said...

Yes, tis a loverly place to visit. We still need to go to Jamestown ourselves - just waiting to see which college DS is going to end up at. But I do have the ubiquitious Jamestown license plate on my car - 400 years ago in 2007.

At least you got lunch! Better than I did. So much for letting an 18 year old buy the tickets - I was hoping for beginner's luck.