Friday, February 10, 2012

Finally, On Friday, An Update

Let's return to the other morning at my house. I was sitting at the table eating breakfast and contemplating this:

Farthest away is the linen for my Amy Mitten project - the Friesland Winders' Keepers. That's one big piece of linen. And next to it is the congress cloth for my Kimono project. Both of these are starting at the same time. Crazy, huh?

Yup. That's me. Sitting there sipping my coffee and wondering what kind of idiot am I???

Who, with a room full of not completed pieces, does this to themselves?

I ignored both of them. Walked upstairs, took a shower, went to my studio and tried to apply myself to Stars. Of course, the couching with multiple threads immediately derailed my motivation. 

But the week moved on and so did I.

So here, finally, is me beginning my Shining Needle Society Kimono class with John Waddell. I've done all this since yesterday at 5 o'clock, which is good. I've just printed off the directions for the first 13 sections, which I will start today. I can keep up with this one. Sure I can. 

Oh, and did you notice? That a new scissor fob. From an EGA class last weekend. A pretty little bit of peyote stitching. And it's attached to my new scissors from KAI. These are the 4 inch curved embroidery scissors which are heaven sent considering all the waste knots I've doing on this piece. 

And here's the beginning of my Ms. Mitten piece. Wow. This one is going to take some time. I've got two local friends stitching this and one far away friend (waving to T!) I know I'm the tortoise to hares on this one. At least if they run into any problems, I'll benefit from their knowledge. But seeing their progress ought to keep my motivated. 

Of course, I still need to finish Stars...


katiem said...

I'm anxious to see how your Kimono stitches up. I wish I had been able to fit that one into my schedule.

Ann said...

Oh, I am so with you--I have the Quaker version of Amy Mitten's threadwinder set--plus a needlepainting class--plus all the stuff I blogged about the other day--and a stash that could stock a good-sized needlework shop. At least we'll never be bored!

Nicola said...

Please can we have lots of posts and photos of your Kimono project.

Margaret said...

It's nice to see others working on the Amy Mitten piece too so I don't feel so lonely. lol! I will tell you I didn't choose the Friesland specifically cause I hate all those backstitches on the round little curlicue thingies. Bleagh! Otherwise I would have considered that one more since I love the colors. Yours looks great so far! I'd also heard about the kimono project as well -- it's awful how there are so many opportunities for beautiful classes and they're all at the same time, right? Good luck with the projects!