Thursday, February 02, 2012

Things are Never Simple

Been making multiple trips from the basement to the second floor carrying pieces of a large unit to my studio. And just when I think I can take a short cut on the assembly, I realize I can't because I have to put the back pieces on and that takes two people. 

And just when I thought I could print out all my Friesland Winders' Keepers directions from my laptop to our wireless printer, I realize I'm wrong because I need to change the color cartridges. (Amy Mitten kit came yesterday. Linen is washed and in the freezer awaiting ironing.)

And when I thought I could use my pressure cooker, I realized the gasket needs replacement. 

Is there anything else unusual I should try to do? 

I guess I should be grateful that when I washed the new haircut this morning, I could give it some semblance of a style and that I don't resemble some goth chick gone old age. 

This makes it time for me to start to prepare dinner (change of menu due to lack of pressure cooker ability) and prepare for tomorrow. 

Tomorrow - our guild is stitching in public at the American Museum of History in Washington D.C. Things to bring? I've got some choices to make. I'm going to need something easy enough to work that I can't screw up. And I need to finish our poster. (Uh oh. Hope that goes okay. Better get to work while the stores are still open...)



Goldylox99 said...

Why do you freeze the linen? Is it in a ziploc? This is new to me.

CalamityJr said...

At the risk of appearing, um, stupid, why is your linen in the freezer waiting to be ironed?

RuthB said...

Oooo, I missed the opportunity to stitchin-in... tell all!... please :)

Nicola said...

Wishing you a good weekend and enjoy your guild stitching.