Saturday, September 15, 2012

Promised Photo and other Progress

Here's this little stand-up pillow thing I made from a freebie Sampler Girl pattern. I changed the date and place. This was me getting more familiar with the sewing machine I purchased this summer. I made a little bag that's on the inside filled with BBs to weight it down. After taking it to three different places this week, I can see that I should have used something heavier than skirtex for the bottom piece. But soon it will live without traveling and just sitting there, it should be good. 

 This was done on a scrap of unidentified linen with Danish Flower Thread. 

And here's the thing that's haunting me and making me guilty. I attempted to make progress on my Kimono on Labor Day and got stuck working the section that has the words. 

Even yesterday when I sat down full of determination to finish this section and be done with it, I continued to make errors in the compensation. Mostly because I was being lazy. I would just get into a rhythm and and then screw it up when I met the border. And wouldn't discover until after putting in the next row. I probably frogged this section more than any other.
 But it's behind me now and I've moved on. I finished section 44 last night while catching up with Criminal Minds. Only eight more sections and then I'll be done with May. LOL!

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jhm said...

THought you would like to know - just got back from a long trip - I really understand "Mind the Gap" now.