Monday, September 24, 2012

Studio Update

Earlier this year I posted photos of my messy room. Slowly, I've been conquering my mess. In fact, I've been on the verge of photos many times. 
But then I'd have to bring things into the room and it would be a mess all over again. But this is the best it's looked in a long time, so I thought that I would share. 
This is standing in the doorway looking in. It isn't a large room - 10 x 12 or so. Beside the window is a metal stand from IKEA. I bought it thinking display - cost like $17, but instead it is holding all my stitch diagram books. And thread canvas project kits at the top. Want to know what they are? Carolyn Mitchell's Wildest Dreams, Peg Dunayer's Adobe project from Needlepoint Now, and Laura Perin's Stained Glass Windows.

Next is an old IKEA wall unit that I rescued when the Scarlet Thread closed its brick and mortar store. It's big enough for a 32" flat screen. On the top far left of the unit are 4 Rubbermaid boxes of small projects that are partially or completely kitted. One box holds just Christmas which is where those 15 or so perforated paper Santa kits live. Underneath that there's display of antique sewing items and finished small pieces. Under that, my Stitch magazines and Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch and Beading magazines. Also files with inspiration for original ideas. Under that I have paints, empty tote bags, etc. In the middle above the TV there's a short stack of canvas projects in various states of progress. Under the TV there's paper, two boxex of threads that needs to be returned to their homes, and 3 metal boxes of charts - heavy on the counted canvas and samplers. On the right from the top down, are Kreinik threads, more finished projects, silks divided by manufacturer, books, and then drawers holding finished pieces awaiting finishing, some inspirational thread collections, and various other doodads. To the right is my large IKEA bookcase which is full to overflowing. 
Here's the opposite side of the room. Close to the window is a basket of blank canvas of many colors. A basket of projects in progress. My Daylight with magnifier. A very comfy chair and ottoman which is filled with empty bags. Beside my chair is a table that right now has my current two projects and usual stitching supplies. The Elfa unit has a drawn filled with paper and writing supplies. One filled with beading. And two awaiting true purposes. 
On top of the Elfa, is a weaving project, another kitted canvas piece - Olivia by Terry Dryden, and a Casalguidi piece in progresss. Past the Elfa unit are two Anchor thread cabinets. Mostly filled with rubber stamps. That I no longer use. I'm working on parting with these. Though you can't really see it, on top of the thread cabinet is large glass jar filled with #8 pearl cotton. Might as well use threads as decoration. 
Looking back at my bookcase. Hmm. Mostly needlework books. About a dozen beading books. Six or seven books on the creative process, and four or five books on color. And there's my punchneedle stuff way up high in a pink box on top of the bookcase. 

Now the problem of what lies behind those closet doors. I'm saving that for another day. But if you're guessing threads, fabrics, and more projects, you'd be correct!

A couple more rows and Wicked will be finished. Hope you enjoyed the visit!


Xeihua (Sara) said...

Lovely craft room :D And nice project you're doing :D

Margaret said...

Yes I did enjoy the visit to your room and am filled with envy. Only wish my apartment had a spare room - instead I am restricted to a single closet. Aah....maybe one day!

Denise said...

Thank you for showing your stitching room you have a lovely space to work in.
Happy Stitching