Wednesday, August 18, 2004

San Diego Shops

I managed to drive to three different "needlework" shops in SD. The first turned out to be knitting and needlepoint. Normally I would have been able to shop for fibers at least, but it seems the shop is moving more in the knitting direction, so it was a total waste of time. Second shop featured a wonderful older couple and shop that is in a time warp. They had stuff in there that I used to order for a shop I worked at in 1988. They were lovely and friendly and I did pick up a couple of bargain pieces of linen.

Third shop - finally satisfied my shopping desires. Place was quiet when I walked in, but right behind me things really picked up. It was a joy to see that many people shopping in a cross stitch store! I didn't do much monetary damage because I'm trying to stitch from my stash. But I couldn't resist on Bent Creek kit that was half price and did purchase some GAST.

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