Tuesday, August 03, 2004


I didn't get online at all yesterday. Took kids for the school sports physicals, then we went shopping. I bribed my DS to get him to come along by offering to buy him Swedish Meatballs at IKEA.

Bought some new chair pads for the kitchen. Within 10 seconds of placing the first one on and pushing in the chair, the cat was in the chair. He's darn good. Bought a galvanized steel bucket and tub (have plans for these later in the month.) Bought a frame and Japanese style watercolor of a black and white cat. I needed something cheap for over our bed. Looks nice.

Also picked up a cheap copy of Needlecrafts for Dummies at Borders. This was the book I chose to get in order to save 25% off a CD that DD wanted. So it actually cost me $2.99. Now why would I possibly want this book? I'm definitely no dummy when it comes to needlework. But there are two patterns in there that Iwant. And the beginner's type info may be useful next time I teach a friend.

Now on to the question of the week...

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