Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have already failed in my goal to work on the darn lap rug every day. LOL

Yesterday morning spent time swapping shorts and capris for pants. Didn't even open the drawers with shirts. Maybe today. (If you are from a constantly warm climate or one whose temperature stays pretty much the same, you don't not understand this spring/fall clothing swap. Just know that those of us who live in colder climates do this. Now is time to put away summer clothes and bring out winter clothes.)

Cleared off my desk. Finally. Made some cards. Haven't done that in 5 months or more. Sorted through some photos to send some to DD at college.

Ran out in the rain to pick up dry cleaning, pick up a few groceries, mail package off to said daughter.

Then it was time to pick up DS.

Then time to head to airport to pick up DH. Gack. Just when I congratulating myself on the best drive ever to the airport - dead stop. Took me 40 minutes to go less than a mile. Eventually got him and got home.

Turns out he's got a craving for Chinese from the place we used to go to. Let's see, rush hour, rain - I took the back way - less traffic tie-ups, but more time. Got home too late to watch Jeopardy, but in time for the Daily Show and the Cobert Report. Which is when I should have been crocheting, but instead got sucked into the SuDoKu in the paper. Dangerous little puzzles.

I swear I was dreaming of solving the darn thing at 4 a.m. when the 20 lb. cat woke me up.

Wish I could stitch or whatever when I'm up in the middle of the night like Betsy Devonshire, but I can't. I'd make way too many mistakes.

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