Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fair and Balanced

Having in the past, vented my frustration online at a certain shop, I'm here to say that my first trip to this establishment in 3 years was pleasant.

In Stitches in Alexandria, VA was the first cross stitch shop I ever visited in the U.S. That was 1989. How I was treated back then is not the issue (which btw, I was ill-treated by snotty clerks.) But how I was treated between 2000-02 is. I never had pleasant experience in there in those 2 years. Which was a shame, because I was willing to part with some dough. No one would offer to assist me. The clerks acted like it was a more than a hardship to cut fabric. They would talk exclusively with each other and ignore customers. Unless a customer was one of the chosen few (apparently the people who take classes or something like that.) Or in a few truly memorable moments, when men wandered in to purchase something for a spouse, when the clerks fell all over themselves to help.

So I returned to In Stitches at the beginning of October with a little trepidation. Only to be completely surprised. Wonderful service. To include a follow-up phone call. I hope this is now the rule rather than the exception. Pleasant, personable, agreeable clerks. What a difference. Yippee! I will be returning.

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Erin said...

Oh, I know *exactly* what you mean. We have a similar shop locally, and I refuse to go there. Had a falling out 4 years or so ago with the owner of the other shop, so unfortunately for them, I now do most of my stash shopping online! :)