Monday, October 24, 2005

I have been so neglectful

of my blog. Will try to be better.

While having pizza with my son yesterday we came up with a name for a blog for him:
Dining Adventures with Teenager, (insert his name here)
We were eating one of his less successful creations - a pizza with meatballs, eggplant, and hot peppers. I nixed the onions, 'cause I wanted to enjoy the remainder of the day...

Have started Just Nan's "the promise" for my sister who is turning 50 in November. Need to go find fabric to finish this into a little pillow. I love working with these colors - pink, purple, red and a tiny bit of green.

Also got out my lap rug that I've been crocheting for a some time now. I was a teeny tiny bit worried that it wouldn't look good with new living furniture, but huzzah! It's perfect. Going to try to settle into working at least 2 rows a day.

Also contemplating building a headboard for our bed. Need to look for fabric for that, too. Something in neutrals to go up against the wall that I'm painting blue. And if it I find something with a floral that I love, I'm buying regardless of how DH feels about flowery stuff!

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