Monday, October 31, 2005

Now I'm Totally Jealous

On Saturday I participated with members of my new EGA chapter in a so-called Stash Tour.
The idea is to gain some ideas on how others handle the stuff of our chosen pasttime.

But. But. But.

The two women whose homes we visited both have a separate studio! Not just a room (or in my case, a half a closet), but a whole separate building. Both complete with attic storage. Color me green with envy.

Gives me a new goal. I don't want a room of my own - I want a building of my own! LOL

Did I pick up some good ideas? Yes. One - a Big Board. As seen here - The Original BIG BOARD Ironing Board Top 800-441-6581 What a way to iron large pieces of fabric and table linens. Fabulous idea.

Another idea - Putting each WIP in a labeled plastic container. I currently kit into bags, but I think boxes might be better. Under my current system, it's easy to put the bags aside. But boxes would confront me and make me aware of what is underway and what is demanding attention.

Another idea - actually working on my database. My own idea - start with entering any new purchase when they are purchased! Work on the backlog eventually.

Floss storage - to each their own!

Stitchers need bookshelves. Lots of bookshelves. I knew that...

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