Thursday, March 02, 2006

Agnes Scott

This is a photo of my Agnes Scott sampler by With My Needle. This was the 3rd or 4th project chosen by the Internet Sampler Band (which has since moved on to a different format and name) which was being run by Ellen Chester. Look we chose one her designs!

This poor thing has been an unloved UFO for the past year.

I dug it out on Sunday and have stitched from the crowns over to the middle. Ah Au Ver A Soie on Glenshee. What a pleasure.

I was stitching this in hand, but went and bought 24" scroll rods as there is just too much material for me to keep going on that way.

I will go back later and do the satin stitch that belongs in the arcaded band below the ABCs. Posted by Picasa

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mookers79 said...

Your sampler looks lovely! I really like the colors.