Saturday, March 04, 2006


As I'm driving DH home from the airport last night (about a 10 minute drive -yeah!), I said that I thought of what I wanted from Hawaii and apologized for not thinking of it before he went - some Kona coffee please!

And what did he buy? Kona coffee. Good boy.

And what else did he buy?


You'll never guess...

Most women might be pissed, but not me...

I love that he knows me well enough to know he can do this...

Hawaiian wedding rings.

It's not that we don't already have wedding rings. In fact we have 2 sets. The original plain gold bands that us poor starving college students bought for - I think - $70 for the pair. Then we have the Black Hills rings that we bought in the early 90s. Beautiful rings, but they are silver with gold and have changed shape slightly over the years.

When we were in San Diego in 2004 we looked at Hawaiian weddings (military exchange carries them out there). We even drove to Mirmar just in case they had some we liked. The problem was finding 2 that both liked and that fit us.

So the man that won't sleep on flowered sheets, bought us flowery wedding rings. LOL ah the irony. But they are beautiful and I love them.

14K gold bands with thin black bands top and bottom with cut out flowers in the middle - plumeria, hibiscus, bird of paradise.

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