Wednesday, March 29, 2006

my LNS haul

Went to Needlewoman East in Falls Church to see what I could find for fibers for embellishing this crazy quilt ornament. Oh la! What a selection of fibers. I must have walked around the spinning racks and walls 20 times.

I originally went in with the intent of matching my Silk N Colors Spotted Cobra. (what I bought this for, I do not know. But it must have been for some reason.) Along the way, I of course changed my mind. I kind of had a piece in the current issue of Pieceworks in my head and started to plan a lily pad, cattail, and blueberries theme. Maybe a pine tree or two. And yes, a spider web.

This entailed buying some Petite Glass Beads, a blue based Waterlilies, a brown Whisper, a pink and a green card of Splendor, 3 colors of Sparkle! Braid, and just to try, a green Mandarin Floss which is by Rainbow Gallery and is a 6-ply 100% bamboo thread. Now to finish up the background so I can start playing with these things. Well, maybe I should just put a doodle cloth in a hoop and have some fun!

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