Monday, June 18, 2007


Okay. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the link to the Stitch Bitch blog won't work. It is correct in my template. Oh.

Meanwhile. Here is California all is gorgeous and warm and just sunny enough.

Yesterday morning we made our way to the Big Kitchen for a breakfast that can't be beat. Judy was tres biening and singing all over the place. I had an omelet with avacado, cream cheese and chives with sourdough toast and side of tomatoes. Kids were enthralled. We'll be going back.

From there I used my radar and we found a Wal-mart to buy cheap beach towels (which I just leave here), shorts for DS to sleep in 'cause he hadn't thought about that when packing, medicine for DS because he hasn't totally kicked that cold, etc.

Then we went walking on the beach just south of the Coronado Hotel and I kept seeing things in black and white because I so want to see Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe frollicking in the surf. Best line ever in a movie: Jack Lemmon ripping off his wig at the end of Some Like It Hot - and saying "But, Cosmo, I'm a man." Cosmo replying -
"Well, nobody's perfect."

Next up: before the kids led a mutiny we needed to visit In-N-Out Burger. We arrived just in time to see a family of 3 kids and a wife removing a blindfolded, handcuffed dad from a van. LOL They had kidnapped him and brought him to In-N-Out for Father's Day. I took their picture and later got their email address to send it to them.

Then we went to the Mission San Diego de Acala. This is just such a peaceful, serene place. Took lots and lots of photos.

Next up - kids and I wandered Seaport Village while David went to an ESRI reception. Did a little shopping. Had dinner at the wonderful pink stucco Fat City Steakhouse. Absolutely gorgeous 80 year old Honduran mahogany paneling and enough stained glass to outfit the entire Titanic.

Off to hit the showers and find food.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Normally, I'd be sooooo jealous of the In N Out visit, but I managed two trips when I was in Vegas. (Double double animal style--and I wonder why I have so much weight to lose!)