Friday, June 15, 2007

Travelling Project

I went through everything quickly again and pulled this one out to work on while travelling to/from and staying in San Diego:

Monkeyworks - "In the Sea" -

My antique blue linen is a little lighter in color than the model. And I've chosen a darker blue silk n colours along with a waterlilies for fibers. All white - not my taste. Love the little monkey faces in the corners. I started the middle of the mermaid yesterday so that once on the plane I could just pull it out and start working.

Loaded more music on to the MP3 player which I was thinking of naming Zelda, but maybe that's not quite right because anyone younger will be thinking of gaming Zelda, not Fitzgerald. Ella? Nina? I'll figure it out.

So it's off to do laundry. A quick cleaning of the downstairs. I don't think I'll pack until tomorrow. I've got plenty of time...

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