Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who Knew?

that having fun could be so exhausting?

Yesterday was the San Diego Zoo where my son and I were attacked by a Madagascar Crested Ibis! A zookeeper was feeding the birds in one of the aviaries. And the ibis apparently really really likes grasshoppers. She moved on and the bird stayed eating his bugs. But when his bugs were gone he moved on to me and DS who were sitting on a bench. Nothing like a 10 inch long beak aimed at your barefeet in sandals. He'd run in circles underneath us and then come out looking for our feet. It was very funny.

Had a late afternoon snack on a rooftop restaurant at Pacific Beach so we could nosh and people watch.

Dinner at Hennessey's where it was Irish night. Good whiskey!

Today DH is ditching the convention early to hang with us.

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