Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Bobs, Bobs, Bobs

This is the second time we've gotten to see the Bobs in performance. For those who love a Capella music, please check them out. Last night was a holiday show and we got to hear several of their Christmas classics like - Christmas in Jail,50 Kilowatt Tree, Christmas in L.A. and Too Many Santas. (Side note: blogger is telling me that santas is wrong. Apparently there is only one santa and thus it can't be pluralized. Screw that.) Anyway - they were great. Did White Room and Helter Skelter, and Dan Bob has come into his own. What a voice! Seriously, people, check them out.

Now about that's up. But not yet plugged in. And all 6 or 7 giant rubbermaid bins await me.


Kathryn said...

We love The Bobs, too. We have seen them in concert once in California, but have several of their CDs.

Donna said...

The newest Bob, Dan Bob, who was brand new with the group last time we saw them, has really come into his own. He's got a tremendous voice and is a bit hyperactive on the stage in a good way. We heard a few tunes from the newest CD and of course bought a copy. And they have a DVD as someone made a documentary film of them. I'm looking forward to watching that.