Thursday, December 04, 2008


I'll start with apologies about the sideways picture of the tree. Does anyone know how to flip these things? I can't flip them on my camera. I mostly use Picasa 3, now with a retouch tool, to organize my photos on the computer and though I can flip them on Picasa, they remain unflipped on Blogger. Flip = rotate. Whatever.

Even though the tree is up and lit and decorated all the rest remains. Outdoor lights, nativities, assorted angels, wreaths, greenery, etc. Just taking my time.

Before this one gets lost in the world of comments, I want to post my glee at Coni for referring to Congress cloth as stiff light. This has replaced "my gazebo is a pretzel" as the phrase of the month.

I finished with the dreaded Persimmon color yesterday and moved on to Tartan Plaid, which really is a blue. At least I think it's blue. Progress picture sometime this weekend.


Shelley said...

Hi, A devoted reader here, I've never commented before now, though.

I believe you have to save the changes in order for them to be replaced on the disk. At the top of the file in Picasa, there will be an option to Save to Disk. Once you do that, the pictures will be in edited form.

Donna said...

Shelley, my dear, you may have just solved my problem for which you earn eternal gratitude! Thank you.

I wish I was on the desktop so I could try it, but I'm not. Tomorrow!

Shelley said...

Glad you got the pictures worked out! Your sampler is looking scrumptious. Those colors are awesome.

Coni said...

Oh, golly gee wizz! Who knew that my lack of skills in the vocabulary department (I just make it up as I go along) would garner so much attention! Thanks for the shout out!