Monday, December 01, 2008

Not Much from Over the Weekend

Let's see. We went looking at cars. Frankly, I'm appalled at what costs $30,000+. We are in no rush about finding a new car. We've got plenty of time left to drive our 2001 Protege and 2002 CR-V, both of which have been tremendous cars. The Mazda can get 36 mpg on the highway - that's what a little 4-cylinder with no pick up can do. And the Honda is my second favorite car we've ever owned. (My first favorite was our brand-new 4000s Audi we bought in 1985 - a five speed we took to Germany with us. I loved driving 100+ mph on the Autobahn. And let's not talk about the Alps...)

And we went furniture shopping. Seriously looking at china cabinets and sideboard/servers. We've found some things we like on the internet, but thought maybe we should check out what's available locally. I'm depressed that there is no oak in our local stores. I hesitate to add another type of wood to our house and would like to, in general, match an antique china curio that was my grandmother's. Again - no rush here. We can take our time and find exactly what we both agree on. There is some bickering involved, but not a lot.

Came home after dinner last night for DH to watch the Pats lose - he wasn't happy. I painted a snowman door hanger for his office and then put in two more lengths of Persimmon on the Quaker sampler. Poor DS went back to school with a friend and got caught in miserable traffic on I-95. Ah Thanksgiving weekend.

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