Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Was Right

I stitched one of the remaining leaves with 2 strands of dark and one medium and it's more better! Yahaa! Now I've got three leaves to frog. Why does it take as long to take something out as to put it in? It should be easier and faster. Must be because I don't want to mistakenly cut the canvas. Sort of did a modified Hungarian leaf stitch, i.e., I am making it up as I go along. Will be interesting compensating the background around this. Especially the leaves I stitched that don't go over the canvas as she painted it. The smallest leaves were sort of palm tree shaped, not at all dogwood looking. So I stitched what I wanted. Big surprise.

Also bought a new project. *smirking* But I couldn't resist. It followed me home. Ink Circles "Much Heralded Sampler." Did not kit it up with Carrie's. I chose two blues (Mandarin floss) and an almost gold silk. And bought a piece of Crossed Wing's "Earth" to stitch it on.

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