Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Shopping Opportunity from Florida

When I set up my final class schedule I decided to go for the full on tire yourself out experience. I had classes Sunday-Friday. Saturday was my only "free" day. So after volunteering for bag check and quick trip myself through the bookstore, boutique, and exhibit I thought I'd go check out the local Needlepoint store that was about six miles from the hotel. (Don't worry. I had a car.) I had been given a head's up by a friend. But she didn't rave about it enough.

First, a disclaimer. They close at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. I arrived about 2:30.

Missing the store was kind of bothering me. So I ran out at lunchtime on Wednesday and was not disappointed for my effort. This place rates a huge WOW! For a fiber junkie this place is truly paradise. A room for wool and wool blends. A room for silks. Many, many rooms. And a very happy raucous stitching group occupying the large room. Place was just a joy.

This is a needlepoint pincushion that gets fitted into the shell. Way cute and it just had to come home with me. That said. I had to wonder why a local store that took out a full page in the seminar booklet didn't show up for Merchandise Mania or run a shuttle from the hotel. I guess they're doing well enough. But it seemed like a squandered opportunity to me.

Photo taken from just outside the bar overlooking the pools. Proof that sunshine exists. Which is good because I'm beginning to wonder back here in Virginia.


VegasJilly said...

sounds like a great trip!! I love the pincushion!!

Bonnie said...

I want the pincushion!!!!!