Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Morning Musings

I should be at my EGA chapter meeting right now. But this morning I had a bloody nose that didn't want to end. Right when I decided it was time to give up and go to Urgent Care, it stopped. But the entire experience was just totally gross. 

I've finally managed to drink some coffee and am feeling fine. 

As I was reading blogs this morning, Rachel at what looks like crazy on an ordinary day was musing about her her potential hoarding problem. Now I know many us have this impending issue. Lots of stuff and we can't seem to resist adding more to our growing piles. I've got all my "stuff" corralled into one room which makes me feel better to not have it in stacked in corners all over the house. But there's still too much stuff in there to keep organized and have working space. 

Given my issues with startitis, I jumping on this bandwagon for 2012 - WIPocalypse   with Measi.

A few years ago I did a year of not allowing myself to start a new project without finishing an old one. I'm going to follow that rule again. 

I'm still hoping that I might be able to finish my Crazy January 15 for this year. But time is passing quickly. 

Speaking of time passing quickly, I've been home from Florida exactly 8 days and it feels like forever. Maybe it's the lack of sunshine here in Virginia. 
Here's some pics from my last night in Florida. All these clouds and it never rained.

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Sara Leigh said...

Those clouds are stunning! And ominous. Very painterly too.