Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seminar Update

I am beginning to think that if I was having any more fun in Florida, than this couldn't possibly be legal. I am enjoying every single moment, every second, every nanosecond!

I started Saturday morning by volunteering at the bag check. Because I have a strong desire to give back. Most people want to do the fun jobs, like volunteer at the bookstore so they get to see all the goodies. But you know what? even the bag check is fun. You get to see a lot of people and chat with them. And if it's slow you can sit and stitch. 

After that I visited Ruth Kern's traveling bookstore and the exhibits. And then the boutique. You all know my weaknesses. I found three books at the bookstore that I felt needed a change a scenery and they will relocating to Virgina. And maybe I found a few things at the boutique, too. This year the boutique is being run by Cathy and her helpers from the Golden Needle in Port Charlotte. I was there and talked to her last March. I'm sure her perspective on Seminar is totally different from mine! I was hoping to get to Needlepoint in Paradise that afternoon, but they close at 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays!

First sign you see as you leave the hotel. But I did not see an alligator.

Instead I saw this fine fellow! About four inches across right over my head. I bet tons of people walk under it every day.

The view looking north at the beach.

Sunset past the palms Monday evening. 

For photos of things I cannot take photos of - go here:  EGA Blog

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Lisa said...

Sounds like it is an amazing trip. The photos are beautiful...even the icky spider.
Enjoy and Take care!