Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tampa International

Am sitting here in the business center at Tampa Int'l waiting for my flight home. 

First a big thank you to my best friend who I so smartly married 27 years ago for not objecting to my being away from home for 12 days. Smooches, darlin.

A few of you who are also on facebook know my win steak continued past Seminar. I cleared $68 from the video slots place and $50 from bingo with my Mom. Will run by the store and buy lottery tix in Virginia when I arrive. Hey. Someone's got to win and I seem to be on a roll. Did I mention that I won a door prize also the first day of classes? LOL

I know plenty of people who consider EGA membership and things like Seminar and decide it's too expensive. I will never, ever agree with that. 

I had 2 one-day classes and 2 two-day classes and thus was exposed to four different world-class teachers. Kits, fees, registration, banquets, etc. cost me $900. I agree that's a large sum. But you don't need to do this every single year. (Though if you go once, you will want to go again. In the worst way.) Nor do you need to take four classes. Or stay for the entire Seminar. There are ways of making it cheaper. Does your region sponsor a scholarship? Save your pennies for a while. It all adds up. 

This was definitely an experience worth having. 

When I get home I will write in more detail about the things I did and saw. And here's a shout out to Carol, who came and introduced herself to me by showing me my blog header on her phone and asking if that was me! That's not the first time this has happened to me and it's always a thrill when it does! I'll be looking for your pieces at Woodlawn in March 2012, Carol!



Anonymous said...

Hi Donna--

Sounds like you had a really lucky week. Let us know if you win the lottery!

Hope you made it home without any issues...

Carol S.

Wendy TC said...

Hey, a few more $$ winnings and you'll be saved up for the next EGA!