Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Please Note New Blog

Somewhere over there on the side I have added the EGA Blog. They have been trying to post photos of Seminar day by day. If you read back a few posts you can also see information and photos about the International Embroidery Conference, too, that was held right before the start of Seminar. 

I realize I haven't been giving much detail, etc. 

It's because I'm darn tired. By Friday I'm expecting to be dragging. But it's still just so much fun seeing and talking with all these stitchers and teachers. 

Last night was Merchandise Mania! This little event is the only Seminar related activity I have ever done before (at Stitching in the Rye in New York in 2001 I believe was the year - nearly got trampled at that when they opened the doors.)

Fifty tables of designs and vendors of all sorts. I bought a few things, including the Joan Thomasson kit of the Fallen Angel, which was the one I was looking for. Also Kay Stanis had TIRE thread for couching goldwork - another thing I have been looking for a long time. I operated with cash, but nearly drug out the credit cards for Tanya Berlin and Marsha Papay Gomola's things. I resisted only because I couldn't make up my mind.


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Ann said...

Thanks for adding the link to the EGA blog--I really miss going to the seminar this year, but there are only so many vacation days to be divided up! Hope you continue to have a wonderful time with your classes.