Friday, October 19, 2012

In Memory

Dear Dad,

If you were still with us you'd be celebrating your 77th birthday today. In my mind, I still see you in your 30s with your dark, wavy hair.

I think about you every time I walk in the words. You're the one who gave me the great gift of the outdoors. Lately I've been walking a couple of miles in the morning through the woods watching the leaves change. I see deer or turkey or hawks every day. I know you'd be happy to hear of my rediscovered joy in being outside.



Rachel said...

I wish I'd known him better. But I think about all the stories you've told about you guys out in the woods together a lot when I'm at work.

I'm going to drink a beer in cheers to him (and you) tonight!

Nicola said...

Beautiful post xxx