Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trying to Get Photos from Phone to Blog

I am a master of technology. But sometimes. Things. Just. Drive. Me. Crazy. 

I tried posting 3 photos through my blogger app from my phone. But they showed up sideways and of course stuck together in a way that was less than ideal, i.e. I could not separate them and comment on them separately. Rather than have everyone turning their heads, I figured I would just e-mail myself the photos. That was 9 minutes ago and they still aren't here on the laptop. 

Ah. Well.

Since the last post, I have attended a post season baseball game - my first. Fortunately for us I had tix for Thursday's Nats game which they won. That was just a magnificent ending. We stood for long stretches of the game and the place was rocking! Friday morning, DH and I took a walk and we had people honking and yelling "Go, Nats" because of course we were wearing our gear. It's a shame it had to come to such a sudden end. But as we Red Sox fans know, there is always next year. And sometimes you need these losses to make the victories even sweeter. Thus endth my baseball postings for the year 2012. 

Not much in the way of stitching going on here this week. I've started a new exercise program and let's just say I'm tired. And we'll leave it at that. LOL

 Yeah. Photos are starting to show up. Here's my start on our Loudoun Sampler Guild class with June Abel on Saturday. Nothing like a bit of stumpwork to make my day. This fits into a walnut shell! Very petite. 

 And here's where I confess that I finally fell off my no-new-patterns/canvases wagon. Barbara got me with this one. I love the colors, not to mention the name. Seriously - this is the first pattern I've bought in weeks and weeks and weeks. I even did not sign up for the Carol Lake/Michael Boren class that I am in love with and the deadline was yesterday. I almost made it to Seminar, which was my goal. 

Last photo was supposed to be an update of my Pacific Coast Collage, but that photo hasn't show up yet and I've got other things to do. 


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Nicola said...

I wish I could work out how to upload from ipad to blog. HELP!!